I started my career in the film industry as a 2nd AC in the early 1980's and moved through the ranks of the Camera Department until 2015 when I moved into Unit Stills
Over those years I always photographed the crews I work with. I made prints of these images and gifted them to my workmates as thank you presents to show my appreciation of their help during the shoot.
Starting with a Nikon 801s I soon realised I needed to carry the camera on my belt to capture the more elusive moments. I downsized and purchased a Konica Hexar then a Widelux F7 and this combination took me through the majority of the 90's and into the new mellenium. In 2001 thanks to a successful exhibition I was able to purchase my dream camera, a Leica M6 with 35mm f2 lens. 
2002 bought the early days of digital and I toyed with idea but stayed with film till 2007 when I purchased a Canon 30d and then a 5DmkII. I was a Canon user till 2012 when I found the Fuji X-T1 and have been a Fuji devotee ever since recently purchasing a GFX-50s to complement my two X-H1's for my work in Unit Stills.
The archive has now grown to over 100,000 images and is a testament to the people who make up the crews of any show. They are the heart and soul all productions, no matter how large or small, and this is my tribute to them.
I have separated the images by film production plus a single gallery for commercials. I have included images of myself that were shot with my camera by other crew or by Unit Still Photographers, and given to me. In these case I have credited the photographer if I recall who shot the image.
These galleries will continue to expand as time permits, hope you enjoy them, JP

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