Unit Still Photography had always interested me. In 2014, after 30 years within the Camera Department I stepped sideways into that role.

My background in camera places me in a unique position, being the only Production Still Photographer within Australia to have had that experience.

My time in camera, over such an extended period formed relationships which are invaluable to the role of production Stills.

Not only with Camera, but Grips, Electrics, AD's, Art Department and of course the Costume, Hair and Make-Up teams.

Often times the Unit Still Photographer depends on the help of those other departments to achieve a particular shot.

With the professional relationships formed over many years on set I can rely on that assistance from the crew without question.

My aim as a Production Stills Photographer is to tell the story of a scene through a single image. Achieving the results with as little disturbance as possible.

My photography has been purchased by buyers throughout Australia and the U.S. My work has hung in Panavision Australasia and their head office in Los Angeles.

Presently I am preparing book one of 'Observations', a two volume set based on my behind the scenes imagery of crew. 

A sample of images contained in the books are available to view on this site, click on the link below

Film Crews

In "The Shadow Catchers", Author Martha Ansara's book celebrating the history of the Australian Cinematographers Society, the number of my images included was second only to that of The Australian Film and Sound Archive.

Australian Photography Awards feature video